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May 2015

New Dimension Technology, makers of QSPlus International brings you BuilderPlus

Item listing screen

  • Import bills from QSPlus, WinQs or your own spread sheets or simply enter the measurement directly into BuilderPlus
  • Pricing your Construction Project has been made so much easier
  • Current Materials and Labour prices at your fingertips, and kept up to date via Internet updates
  • Calculate unit rates easily using predefined templates
  • Price a net bill and then adjust markup and over heads prior to submitting your bid

Material Build up

Labour build up

  • List all your resource requirements by trade or heading

  • Mark items for subcontract prices and send a bill of quantities to selected subbies for them to price and return
  • Handle provisional sums profit and attendance
  • Keep track of purchases against allowables on Excel

For more information contact

Martin Treadway +27 83 227 1569/